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How to get Burn Fat, Get Fit & Correct Your Metabolism Without Hunger or Exhaustion in 5 Easy Steps.

Find out How Busy People Are Burning Excess Fat (and keeping it off) and Getting "Year-Round" Lean Without Cardio or Giving Up Meat, Fish or Eggs.....ever

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Eat More Burn More

Why the 'healthy' foods you are eating are causing your metabolism to store

fat on overdrive

Skip the Gym + Still Get Lean

Don’t aim to the BEST exercise, Do the SMART exercise you can do best that burns the fat AND builds lean muscle.

Eat Out + Eat Well

Why you don't need to order the salad next time you're eating out with friends or colleagues and still keep the weight off!

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  • Practical Tips: Apply these five tips to start burning fat and getting lean within weeks.
  • Quick Read: Get the low-down on how I help my clients get lean...it will take you 5 mins to read!
  • Science-backed: Dr Hud doesn't do fads. No pills, supplements or fancy gadgets needed to get your metabolism corrected and get you on the way to a lean and fit body (without going to extremes)

Hey, my name is Hud Shaker

I'm a medical doctor and medical researcher (MD PhD) and online health coach.

I made this blueprint to help busy men and women over 40 lose their belly fat, get leaner and fitter bodies without sacrificing their careers or precious time with their friends and family.

About the Author

Dr Hud is a medical doctor (MD PhD) who’s aim is to help busy men and women take control of their health without hunger or exhaustion.

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